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  1. What is an unorganized township?

Put simply it’s a township that does not have a municipal government. There are of course pros and cons to this. Properties in unorganized townships do not have the benefits of municipal services (trash pick up, water & sewer systems)But with that comes a significant cost savings on their property taxes. 

2. Where are the unorganized townships?

There are many unorganized townships through out Canada. Many in Ontario, BC, and Quebec. Click here for a  list of all unorganized townships arranged by province and then by region. If you are looking for a list of unorganized properties currently for sale please complete the “contact” box below to be kept up to date on listings.

3. If there is no municipality who maintains the roads?

In Ontario they are maintained by the provincial government. Remember, just because there is no municipal government in an unorganized township doesn’t mean there isn’t any government. You are still governed by both the provincial and federal government

4. What about trash pick up?

A neighbouring township may have a municipal landfill. It is not uncommon for those in unorganized townships to be able to purchase a pass for the nearby landfill. Residents of unorganized townships typically drive their trash & recycling to the landfill once a week. 

5. Can I get fire service?

Possibly. Depending on how far you are from a town with a fire department you may be able to pay to subscribe to their fire service. If you plan on building a home you will need fire service in order to get home owner’s insurance. 

6. Are all unorganized properties/homes off grid?

Sort of. Sometimes. But not always. They will not have municipal water & sewer services. It is unlikely there will be a natural gas service. Many properties have hydro lines near by that can be extended to the property, this of course is pricy, but not impossible.There are some unorganized properties where the home is 100% off grid. They generate their own hydro (electricity) with solar panels. The get propane delivered for a heat source, many heat with wood. And they will have their own well and septic system.

7. Do you still pay property taxes?

Yes, to the province. The taxes are a fraction of what they would be if the same property was in a town or city.

8. Do I need a building permit?

No. There is no town office to purchase a building permit from. Nor is there a building inspector that’ll follow up on your construction project. 

There also isn’t any municipal zoning, so you are not limited to only having one dwelling on your unorganized property.

9. Can I build more than one home?

YES! Provided you adhere to the building code you can build more than one home. Keep in mind there isn’t any one out there who will enforce the building code in an unorganized township but it is in your own best interest to build your home to code. After all, you have to live in it.

10. Can I hunt/fish anything anytime?

No… you still have to hunt/fish in season and with the correct licensing. 

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  1. Is the crown still selling land in unorganized townships in the Nippising region? If so, who would I contact? Thank you for your time.

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